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Free shipping for Tamilnadu orders over Rs. 2000

Delivery Information

We receive organic  vegetables and fruits on Wednesdays and Saturdays and we deliver organic produce on these days to assure that you receive them fresh. You can order organic groceries and organic milk along with your organic veggies order. We are a small start-up who do our best in delivery but please don’t compare us with online delivery giants. If you prefer their delivery you need to purchase there. We are happy with your orders and strive to deliver you on time always. Order online organic groceries, organic fruits and organic vegetables and its easy with Vayal Organic Store.

Vegetable and Fruits Delivery Slot

Order Finish Time (Vegetable Order Time)
Delivered On (Please let us know your preferable time)
Sunday thru Wednesday 9 AM Wednesday delivery between 2pm thru 8pm
Wednesday thru Saturday 9 AM Saturday delivery between 2 pm thru 8 pm

Express delivery is available for groceries and other non perishable items. We have two delivery slots.

Goods ordered before 11 am shall be delivered between 12 noon thru 2pm.

Goods ordered until 4 pm shall be delivered between 5 pm thru 8 pm

Vayal Organic Store doesn’t deliver on festival days. You will be notified about the dispatch and delivery if your delivery date happens to be on a festival holiday.

What If I’m Not Home?

For vegetables, fruits and milk please enter comments in the delivery section or give us the information via phone call about where to deliver your produce if you are not at home. Please note that organic milk gets spoilt easily and immediate refrigeration is necessary

Delivery Information

1. The minimum order for an online purchase is Rs 300 for AnnaNagar, Mugappair, Adyar and Velachery area. Delivery is free.

2.Please check the delivery tariff by clicking your area pin code

3. There is no minimum order for moffusil area. We shall call you and inform you the delivery charges. You have to pay for the delivery charges.

4. The delivery service is free when you order above Rs 2500 and above for Chennai and Tamilnadu.

5. Vayal Organic Store is not liable for delays in dispatch and delivery that occurs for circumstances beyond its control.

6. There are certain areas in Chennai for which we do not provide delivery as for Chennai city basis. We treat them as Mofussil orders owing to the distance of the locations. Please check in the pincode to know the delivery status in your area

7. If you are located in a city or town outside Chennai , Please call us if you are ordering fruits and perishables. We do deliver to other cities and we are not responsible for perishable goods and we don't prefer it.

7. Vayal Organic Store has the right to update the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Social Responsibility

We accept the delivery boxes in return and put them to reuse. The rest is disposed and the income from that source is used to conserve the environment. We help in nurturing plants, removing plastic waste, plant saplings and creating awareness to conserve the nature. Little drops make an ocean. These small acts contribute.